About us

About us

Abans Solar

A Sri Lankan cultural icon and household name, Abans has taken the next step towards providing environmentally-sound solutions for a healthier and safer planet. By joining hands with LG Solar and other reputed solar brands, Abans’ predominant aim is to offer exceptional, reliable solar PV systems that meet the diversified needs of both domestic and commercial owner’s power requirements in Sri Lanka

Reflecting advanced technology, impressive performance, and tenacious durability, Abans Solar PV Systems present a distinctive approach towards harnessing solar energy as electricity on your home or business premises. These systems are powered with components sourced from reputed solar PV manufacturers across the globe, which allow you to generate an adequate amount of electricity for your homeowner or business needs. In turn, solar PV systems enable you to reduce the impact of your ecological footprint on Sri Lanka’s natural environment as well as the amount you pay on your electricity bills every month.

50 Years of Experience

Why Us

Why commit to Abans for 25 years?

In an attempt to offer the best, Abans PLC is equipped with a solar installation team comprising of highly qualified mechanics, electricians, welders, and fitters. Installation supervisors and electrical engineers carefully monitor all teams to ensure that you will receive the best quality service every step of the way.


We use Korean-manufactured LG Neon 2 panels which has the highest performance output in the market.


The Solar PV Systems comes with innovative SMA and Fronius Solar Inverters that have been manufactured in Europe.


We only utilize high-quality European-made Surge Protectors, DC Cables and Enclosures, which ensures the longevity of your Solar PV System.


We provide a free 5-year insurance cover for any damages in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or cyclone.

Trusted Name

Choose the Best!

When you are planning a solar project, you want to pick the right products from a brand you know and trust. Our long-standing commitment to quality and innovation makes Abans Solar the smart choice.

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